Laying Low

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I have been very busy lately with work and family stuff, and have not been able to post. I don’t like this blog to feel half-assed, and feel odd about having lots of material up here that is so out of date without any reference to all the new stuff that’s happening with me and my project. So for now I’ve hidden most of the posts, and will pick it up when I am able to.

Feel free to look around and come back later to see what’s new…

Something Universal

(Trouble playing the video? Please click here for the YouTube version.)

Here is another webisode – still a work in progress, I will be updating it with little fixes, but I just couldn’t wait to share it.

My great friend Vardit is an amazing mother, career woman and friend, and I am so grateful for her honesty and help with this project. I have a lot of excellent material from her and will post more of her in the future.

Stand My Ground

(Trouble playing the video? Please click here for the YouTube version.)

So here is my first webisode. My amazing friend talks about the pressure to have kids “before its too late”. (I don’t know if she wants to be named so until I know for sure, I’m not mentioning it.)

I get that kind of pressure all the time just from random questions and comments from strangers, friends and family alike. Especially when I visit Israel. But shouldn’t our doctors be less judgmental, and not put so much pressure on us? I mean, if I’m not asking my doctor about this, I don’t expect a lecture. And if I ask, or if for some reason the doctor is concerned, perhaps there is a place for gently asking your patient how she feels about things, what her reasons are and her plans, and maybe ask her if she’d like some information or something like that, instead of just volunteering all this pressure. And if they think it’s “irresponsible” to wait, well, irresponsible toward whom? And isn’t the alternative the truly irresponsible thing, if you don’t feel you’re ready? I don’t have all the answers, I just think these are interesting questions, and I appreciate my friend’s openness in discussing this.

Note: More webisodes will come, starring this same friend. She’s awesome and allowed me to film her many times, and share all this intimate stuff with the whole world. I hope you find it interesting to get to know her and see her story unfold, and see things progress and change over time.

And to the point of thisĀ  particular webisode, I wonder – does anyone else think it’s rude and scary for a doctor to react this way? Has anyone else experienced such things, either from doctors or from other people in your life?


So, my wonderful advisers have recommended that I start to put out some of the material I have. I’m going to start posting webisodes, little bits and pieces of what I’ve been working on. I hope you enjoy them, and give me some responses too! I will be attempting to use Vimeo for this, so please let me know ASAP if you have any technical problems viewing it.

I suppose the trailer is really the first webisode, so I’m posting that here. Soon I will add more, featuring never-before-seen footage.

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned!

New Trailer

Okay, so I’ve posted the latest trailer. Still rough – I’m always so busy shooting more stuff, working on the proposal, and trying to make some money to boot, that I always end up with something really rough, but I still hope you guys enjoy it!

I’ve attempted to incorporate the beautiful vintage style of Yesenia Gonzalez’ illustrations with the animations I already had going. Who knows how this will evolve in the future, after all, it’s all about the story and the content. The style is just there to serve those things. Speaking of which, the process of applying for funding has been great because it has pushed me to really work out the structure of the story. I’m not posting the treatment online because it will give away the whole thing :) plus it is sure to change and evolve as I go. But trust me, it’s really helpful and important to write a good treatment and think about the dramatic structure of the film, even though it’s a documentary. I mean, yes we are bound by reality and what actually happens, but we still have control over how we tell it, in what order we reveal things to the audience, and which parts we choose to include. It’s a challenge to do all that and still maintain the truthfulness and integrity of the stories being told, but one definitely worth tackling.


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